Coming Soon: Tax Handling Improvements Within Pressero

Aleyant is excited to announce improvements to the way that Pressero handles taxes, coming in early-to-mid September. For more information, watch this video ( from Product Manager Trent Foreman about what you can expect.  


First, tax settings will move from the Site level to the Preferences level. The way you implement taxes will be known as “Tax Profiles,” which allows you to create profiles at the Admin level and easily assign them to multiple sites. You will still apply the Tax Profile to sites at the Site levelin the General tab, but you will be able to create and view all your Tax Profiles in a single list page in 

Admin > Preferences > Tax Profiles 

Remaining the same are the functions for setting taxes based on Postal Codes, State or Province, Country, or using a Flat Tax Rate  

These changes will NOT require you to rework your current tax settings. After the new tax settings are implemented, upon the first time accessing a site, you will be presented the Site Tax Setting Changes window, which allows you the option of saving your current tax settings as a new Tax Profile. Simply click the green “Generate Tax Profile” button to 1) Automatically generate a new Tax Profile from those settings, 2) Name the profile based on the site name, and 3) Assign that Tax Profile to the site. Other than clicking the “Generate Tax Profile” button, there are no actions required.  


Enhanced AvaTax Integration 

Second, we are announcing an enhanced integration with Avalara AvaTax. With the upcoming release, you will be able to create an AvaTax tax profile yourself, eliminating the previous requirement to open a Service ticket to do so. Just obtain your Account Number, License Key and Company Code and select “AvaTax” in the Type drop-down when adding a new Tax Profile in Admin. You will also be able to Test the integration using test credentials prior to going live on your site.   

Watch this space for more information about the changes as we near release.