Pressero Release Notes

Release Notes for Pressero v6
  • #43678 – Implemented capability to allow Pressero integration with Printer's Plan via Embedded Services. 
  • #61518 – Implemented capability to allow Pressero integration with HP One Flow via Embedded Services.
  • #45746 – Implemented capability to allow Pressero to support SAML logout. Checking the “Log off from the Identity Provider” checkbox enables the application to log off the user from the Identity Provider and Site Store at the same time.
  • #48406 – Implemented Custom Profile fields on new order Email Notifications.
  • #55057 – Implemented the capability to send a product’s Item Unit Cost (subtotal/quantity of the item) from Pressero to Zapier.
  • #58767 – Implemented feature enabling the upload of a file (or deletion of a file) for an item order via API. One file is allowed per upload or deletion; maximum file size is 200 MB.
Bug fixes:   
  • #60757 – Corrected issue in which duplicating a retail site to a B2B site turned off navigation icons.  
  • #61716 – Corrected issue when using SSO initiated from Azure. 
  • #61085 – Corrected issue with SAML login configuration.  
  • #61783 – Corrected issue with Export Asset List Excel file.
  • #61824 – Corrected issue where Custom Skin Teaser price tag was not working.
  • #61844 – Corrected issue where product fails to update if FormId or InventoryId is used via API.
  • #61108 - Added option to allow users to access JDF/JMF control files. New version of Automated Workflow Integrator (AWI) supports this.
  • #57518 – Implemented user interface enhancements to Email Notifications and History Grid for desktop and mobile.
  • #57667 – Implemented changes to prevent XSS (cross-site scripting) attack in client.  
Bug fixes:
  • #60840 – Corrected how the projected ship date appears on new order emails (account specific).
  • #61121 – Corrected issue with the Payment page checkout button so that it loads the correct button style.
  • #61204 – Corrected issue when copying site from Pressero Control Panel (one subscriber to another subscriber).
  • #61296 – Corrected issue where a payment button with a long name prevented site from saving settings.
  • #61302 – Modifying the order status via order grid is restricted for Pressero admins without permission.
  • #61320 – Users can now create products with Vendorld and FormID using API.
  • #61395 – Corrected issue where SSO login was not working from Azure system back to Pressero.
Bug Fixes:
  • #61174 – Postback URL for ePay Dankort payment method is now working.
  • #60671 – EFI Pace integration now supports multiple shipping addresses.
  • #60990 – Enable Status Report check box added to tFlow settings for implementation of a “Send report” alert notification.
  • #60940 – In support of AU-Post shipping options, JSON requests are being passed to External Shipping.
Bug fixes:
  • #60760 – Corrected issue where a site user with permission to impersonate other site users could not impersonate a user with an apostrophe in their email address.  
  • #60780 – Corrected issue with site user profile not being updated with modified department name in the department name field.
  • #60818 – Corrected issue with shipping rates when USPS First Mail shipping method is selected.
  • #60444 – Corrected issue with the display of customer’s country in email notifications.
  • #56269 – Corrected issue on Product Detail page with edited products that use sequence-enabled templates.
  • #60960 – Corrected issue with product title link in the Featured Products carousel.
  • #60817 – Corrected issue with Automated Workflow Integrator (AWI) error with JMF. 
Bug fixes:
  • #60825 – Corrected issue with missing Payment Methods buttons on Checkout page.
  • #55959 – Added eDocBuilder Session ID to the Order Import Excel file. eDocBuilder orders with a valid session ID can be imported via API.
  • #60221 – Implemented new admin setup for Payment methods for PCI Compliance.
  • #60222 – Implemented options to change the appearance of buttons on the Checkout Page for PCI Compliance, for all payment methods except Paypal, PagSeguro and Midtrans (which use images, so renaming or modifying is not an option).   
  • #60450 – Implemented the capability to allow for the storage of an Aleyant Customer ID; column added to Pressero Control Panel.  
  • #38583 – Added List View to responsive skins.  
  • #60407 – Two services added to OCA shipping method: “Puerta a Puerta: 311149” and “Puerta a Sucursal: 311154.”
  • #60751 – Added “Clear Filters” button to allow admin site users to clear values/data for filters.
Bug fixes:
  • #60448 – Corrected issue where USPS 1st Class improperly returned rates for International shipments.  
  • #60273 – Corrected issue where uploaded PDF and Excel files resulted in an error and locked the site user account.
  • #60371 – Corrected issue where an API order import did not import the item number.
  • #59837 – Corrected issue in which the shopping cart thumbnail of a duplicated and customized eDocBuilder item did not update with eDocBuilder preview.
  • 19356 – Updated Tool Tips to clarify that a markup can only be applied to one Quantity Parameter (Q1-Q5).
  • 19277 – Integration completed between Tilia Labs Phoenix Software and Automated Workflow Integrator (AWI).
  • 19236 – Added two new API calls to v6 API: BossID and DefaultPONumber.
  • 1448 – Increased character limit for product name.
  • 18133 – Updated Order Reports (Job Detail, Pick List, Order Summary, Order Item).
  • 18387 – Allow Banner Widget to not require an active hyperlink.
  • 19247 – Added opacity bar to palette color pickers.
  • 12368 – Added order incomplete step to credit card processing when incorrect information is entered.
  • Responsive Skin #6 and #7 Released