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You should have completed the requested fields and reviewed the Advanced Preparation at the time you placed you order. If you need help or assistance please open a PrintJobManager support ticket at http://support.aleyant.com/Main/Default.aspx
New Account Information*
Please provide the following information so we can activate your PrintJobManager account. (*Denotes Required Field)
General Settings
Company Name*: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­____________________­­­­­______  
Time Zone*: _____________   
Culture* (Language/Currency): ______________________
You are required to have at least 1 facility. If you have more than one location that you would like to account for add additional facilities. Each Facility must have a unique Name, but may have common Descriptions and Business entries. If you need to add additional Facilities use multiple forms.
(Please Print legibly)
Facility 1 Name*: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_____________________________________          
Facility Description: ___________________________________
Business (Type of Facility): _____________________________ 
Address #1*_________________­­­________­­___  
Address #2_________________­­­________­­___  
Address #3___________________­­­______­­___  
Country*: ___________________________
City*: ___________________________
State/Province/Region*: __________________________
Zip/Country Code*: _________________     
Phone*: _________________________       
Facility 2 Name*: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_____________________________________          
Facility Description: _____________________________________­­_____
Business (Type of Facility): ___________________________ 
Address #1*_________________­­­________­­___  
Address #2_________________­­­________­­___  
Address #3___________________­­­______­­___  
Country*: ___________________________
City*: ___________________________
State/Province/Region*: __________________________
Zip/Country Code*: _________________     
Phone*: _________________________       
Facility 3 Name*: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_____________________________________          
Facility Description: _____________________________________­­_____
Business (Type of Facility): ___________________________ 
Address #1*_________________­­­________­­___  
Address #2_________________­­­________­­___  
Address #3___________________­­­______­­___  
Country*: ___________________________
City*: ___________________________
State/Province/Region*: __________________________
Zip/Country Code*: _________________     
Phone*: _________________________       
Advance Preparation
These items will be manually entered it PrintJobManager, so it is a good idea to have the information listed below readily available, (worksheets are provided for you to use if needed).  If you have this information already, please check to make sure that it includes the data that we have listed as REQUIRED (* Denotes Required Field)
Admin Users
  1. Admin users. (*Denotes Required data)
These will be your System Users (Admin, Sale Rep, CSR, Production, etc.)
  • First Name*
  • Last Name*
  • Title/Position
  • Facility (Base Location)
  • Email Address*
  • Phone
  • Mobile
  • Fax
Equipment/Machines & Labor Functions.
You may have a Machine/Function that has multiple configurations based production/material variations. (e.g.1 Folder, ½ Fold, Tri Fold, 8 Page) may have different Setup and Run speeds. You can create multiple unique configuration/Production Process for 1 specified Machine or Labor Function
  • Define Production Departments* (Pre-Press, Digital Press, Offset Press, Large Format, Bindery, Shipping, etc.) DEPARTMENTS MUST BE DEFINED BEFORE CREATING PRODUCTION RESOURCES.
  • Equipment/Function Name* (HP, Cannon, MBO, Polar, Heidelberg, Komori, etc.)
  • Equipment/Function Description
    • Setup Time:/ Make Ready
    • Run Type: (Impressions, Clicks, Folds, Linear Ft/M, Sq. Area, Cuts, Collate, etc.)
    • Run/Process Speed: (Per Impressions, Click, Folds, Linear Ft/M, Sq. Area, Cuts, Collate, etc.)
    • Take down/Cleanup Time:
  • Equipment/Function Pricing* (PrintJobManager supports Unit and Hourly rate cost calculations)
    • Pricing Matrix (From Quantity and to Quantity)
      • Fixed Price: (Per Click, Area, Linear, Unit, etc.)
      • Hourly Labor: (Assigned Labor Rate)
      • Hourly Machine: (Assigned Equipment/Machine Rate)
      • Mark Up/Down (Values for Fixed/Unit, Labor, Equipment/Machine, Run).
      • Notes: Any internal notes you would like to attach to this Equipment/Machine/Labor Function.
You will have the ability to Import and Export all production related materials (Proof Material, Plates, Paper Stock, Board Stock, Roll Stock, Grommets, Laminate, Apparel, etc.)
  1. Define Material Categories*: (Digital Paper, Offset Paper, Customers Paper, Coatings, Cartons, etc.). MATERIAL CATEGORIES MUST BE DEFINED BEFORE IMPORTING MATERIALS.
  2. Define Material Bins: Required for Tracking Material, and also be used for Customer Stock. By creating Bins, you create another level of sorting capabilities.
  3. Input Material Data: In the attached Import Template sample you will see some sample data to give you an idea on how to properly enter the data for a successful import.
    • Name*: Keep in mind, use consistent naming conventions to make finding/sorting materials to use or edit (80# CVR GLS 13x19, 100# CVR DULL 13x19, Foam Core .25 60x96, Vinyl Roll 36x150 .08, Cartons Branded 9x11.5)
    • Description: In this field using consistent naming conventions can be made easier for the client to understand.
    • Category: Assign the material to a Category that you created (a. Define Material Categories)
    • Bin: Assign the material to a Bin that you created (b. Define Material Bins)
    • Internal Code: Use this field if you already have a material code (Costing, Current Material Code, Accounting, etc.)
    • Integration Id: Enter the Vendors Item number
    • Owner (Organization): If this material is Owned, Used, or Specific to one of you clients, you can assign it to them.
    • Track Inventory:
i.True: Will allow you to Track, Create Material Transactions, Add, Allocate, Move, Edit, Delete Inventoried Materials
ii.False: No Stock control abilities
  • Starting Inventory: Starting amount
  • Width:  Width of Material (Meter, Yard, Feet, Inches, mm, etc.)
  • Height: Height of Material (Meter, Yard, Feet, Inches, mm, etc.)
  • Weight Per: How Many (1, 10, 100, 1000, etc.)
  • Weight Total: Total Weight of the specified Material for the Quantity in “Weight Per”
  • Thickness Per: N/A
  • Thickness Total: N/A
  • Paper GSM: Enter the Grams per Square meter for the selected Media
  • Paper U.S. Weight: Enter the U.S. “Lbs., #’s, for the selected Media
  • Expires on Date: You can set a date for the specified material to be deactivate for use.
  • Price Group*: Using one of the User defined Price Groups will allow you to apply specific Mark Up/Down scenarios
  • From* (Quantity):
  • To* (Quantity):
  • Price Basis: Quantity
  • Price (Per Price Basis): The Amount to be charged per the “Price Basis” quantity)
  • Mark Up/Down: Allows you Markup, Markdown, or leave Blank to sell at the assigned price
If you have questions or need help, please open a support ticket by selecting this link Aleyant Support