What do I do when I'm ready to "go live" with my Pressero site?

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Going live with your sites on Pressero
The phrase going live refers to making a Pressero site available on a custom domain name address. You can run your sites on your Pressero temporary URL addresses on the pressero.com domain for as long as you like. Many clients keep their sites on those addresses, but in most cases, you will want to take sites live on custom domain names of your choice, especially if you require https.
1) DNS for any domain addresses needs to be changed to point to the Pressero servers that your account is hosted on. It is possible to have your root website running on one service, and Pressero sites running on subdomain addresses on the same domain name. Please see section below III-3a Manage your own DNS for current DNS record values for Pressero.
2) You will need to setup your Pressero site to use the domain address(es) the site to be available on. This is done by adding the domain address URL for the site to the Settings > Domains window in the Pressero site settings areas.
Please note that If you don't already own a domain name, you can register one through one of the popular services like www.godaddy.com or www.netsol.com. Pressero does not offer domain registration services.
I. To make DNS changes to your domain, you will need to access the account that registered or hosts the domain name.
1) Where is your domain name DNS hosted? A WHOIS on your domain will indicate the nameservers of your domain. For example if you registered your domain through Godaddy, you will see the Godaddy nameservers listed on your domain nameserver information when doing a whois check.
2) Who has authority to access and make changes to the registrar account for your domain name? The account that registered and controls your domain name needs to be used to make any changes to your domain's DNS settings.
II. Do you wish Aleyant to host DNS so we can make any record changes for you?
Aleyant does offer DNS hosting at no extra charge with your Pressero account. Many clients will have domains that are already setup and managed on their side. DNS hosting is provided as a courtesy service to our clients, but it is not necessary to host your domain DNS with Aleyant to use it with your Pressero sites.
If this is a new domain name and you are going to request that we host DNS, be sure to specify any additional DNS records that will be needed beyond basic records for web routing. This would generally include email service information from your email provider. If you do not know of any additional services that should be added, then we will setup the domain on our nameservers to handle routing web traffic to Pressero for root and any subdomain prefixes on that domain name.
If your domain exists and has various services available on it now, we need to see a copy of the current DNS zone records for your domain before you switch your domain hosting to Aleyant. Failure to confirm on existing service records can result in service interruptions if you are transferring DNS hosting for your domain to Aleyant.
III. Open a new ticket to us if you require any assistance with taking your site live.
If you require any addtional assitance in bringing your site live, or you wish us to host DNS for your domain name, please open a new ticket to us at http://support.aleyant.com so that we can try to assist you with any questions. If you do open a ticket to us about bringing a site live or hosting DNS for your domain, please include all the information below.

1. Our new domain name is (e.g., www.example.com): ____________________________
2. The Site this is for (in the Pressero Sites area): ____________________________
3. Indicate where DNS will be managed for this domain:
3a. [  ] Manage our own DNS (See below), or
3b. [  ] Have Aleyant manage DNS (See below).
4. Include any other record values, such as for email servers, if you are asking us to host an existing domain, or if you wish to continue email or other services with your recently registered domain name.
3a. Manage your own DNS.
You will manage your DNS. That is, you will continue to host DNS at the current provider. For this option, you will set the appropriate DNS records on the DNS zone for your domain to use AHOST or CNAME values depending on what type of record you are setting up. The root record of a domain will always be an AHOST record, other records could be AHOST or CNAMEs.
Values for AHOST records are shown below, please check your address you use to login to Pressero against this list below. If you do not see your login address listed, please open a ticket to use at http://support.aleyant.com so we can confirm the correct AHOST values for your account.
admin.chi.v6.pressero.com: (US clients on v6)
admin.pressero.com: (US clients on v5)
admin-sg.pressero.com: (Singapore v5/v6)
admin.ams.pressero.com: (Amsterdam v5/v6)

Values for CNAME records are shown below, please check your address you use to login to Pressero against this list below. If you do not see your login address listed, please open a ticket to use at http://support.aleyant.com so we can confirm the correct CNAME values for your account.
admin.chi.v6.pressero.com: chi.v6.pressero.com (US clients on v6)
admin.pressero.com: chi.v5.pressero.com (US clients on v5)
admin-sg.pressero.com: sg.pressero.com (Singapore v5/v6)
admin.ams.pressero.com: ams.pressero.com (Amsterdam v5/v6)

After you make that change with your registrar, you can update us on your open ticket if you have one, so that we can confirm any changes to your domain addresses, or if you need assistance verifying any changes.
3b. Pressero will manage DNS.
You will have Aleyant manage your DNS. DNS hosting is provided on request if you are a Pressero client and would like us to manage the DNS settings for your domain. For this option, you will:
1) Submit your information to us on your ticket and wait for confirmation that we have added your domain to our nameservers.
2) Set the primary and secondary DNS servers to ns1.aleyant.net and ns2.aleyant.net. You can also add entries for ns3.aleyant.net and ns4.aleyant.net.
3) Remove all other DNS server references.
4) After you make that change with your registrar, please update us on your open ticket so that we can confirm the change and make any final adjustments on our end.
Please note that if you simply change your nameserver settings on your domain to point to Pressero nameservers, and do not open a ticket to us asking us to add your domain name to our nameservers, or wait until we have confirmed that your domain name has been added to our nameservers, then you may experience service outtages on your domain until we have added your domain to our nameservers. If it is a new domain name, and you want to go ahead and set the nameserver values, then it will start responding once we have added the domain to our nameservers.
IV. Changes Needed in the site Settings > Domains area for the site that will be live on this domain.
After we have confirmed your domain has been added to our nameservers, or after you have confirmed that the DNS changes to your domain are resolving to Pressero, you will make the finishing changes in your Pressero site so that it will be live on your domain name.

1) Login to Pressero and go to (SiteName) > Settings and then to the Domains tab on the settings window.

2) For New Domain Name, enter the new domain address URL for your site and click Add.

3) If the domain address URL will be the primary address for the site, then select your new domain on the list on the right and click the small star icon to set this address as the primary domain.

4) If the site did have a temporary pressero.com domain address, that could be removed or left in place. Pressero sites can respond and be setup with multiple domain addresses.
5) You may need to add variations for subdomains like www for your domain address, make sure that DNS for any other subdomain addresses exists and add those addresses to the site domains window as well.
V. Setting the site to be live for secure ordering
You are able to set any site in Pressero to be secure, at no additional charges, this capability is included with your account. Our old process of installing certificates manually is not required anymore, there is no longer a need to have us order and install a certificate for particular domain names. When DNS and site settings have been correctly setup, then Pressero will automatically obtain a certificate for your site, allowing you to make any site on any domain name secure for ordering.
To enable a secure certificate automatically for your site, you must do the following:
1) The domain address to be used must be set on DNS to point to Pressero at or chi.v6.pressero.com. Can be either AHOST or CNAME records, type of record does not matter to Pressero. Those values will be different if your Pressero account is located on another server, please see III-3a Manage your own DNS above for current values.
2) Every domain that you intend to use with https must be added to Pressero as a domain address URL to an existing site.

3) Every domain that you intend to use with https must be marked for HTTPS in Pressero admin. This means that in Settings > Domains window, any domain address that needs to be secure should be marked as secure by enabling the lock icon on the address on the list on the right of the window. Addresses set to be HTTPS will show the lock icon in green.

4) When you first enable a new domain for HTTPS, follow the steps above, and make sure the site is NOT set to Redirect to Primary Domain. This will allow users to continue using the existing site on non-secure HTTP, while the HTTPS certificate is being obtained and installed by Pressero. Redirect to Primary Domain setting is shown on the Settings > Domains window, and the star icon enabled on a domain address on the right indicates if that address is the Primary Domain for the site.

5) It will take up to 24 hours after the domain was first set for HTTPS in Settings > Domains for the certificate to be obtained and installed for your site. This is a worse case time for this process and it should never take any longer. It may take much less time for the system to make the secure certificate active, but best to plan accordingly for the duration.

6) Certificates will be automatically renewed when approaching expiration, no interaction with our support department is required going forward. This process will be entirely automatic, but please open a ticket to us if you have any questions, or concerns about a current request for a certificate for one of your sites.
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