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The Stacking Groups tab provides a way to create a relationship between fields so that one field will slide up, slide down, or disappear if another field is left blank. You could use this to show an icon image of a phone next to a phone field only when the phone number is entered by the user. If no phone is entered the image is hidden and the other fields slide into place leaving no gaps in your template.  This was a very popular option prior to implementing field scripting and should still be considered when it will meet your needs.


Note: Stacking Groups is only for forms based templates. Stacking Groups can work with fields that use Field Scripting if the result of the script on the field will be completely empty.


Example of  Stacking Groups

In the below example all three contact information items are part of the same stacking group. Each line has a corresponding icon that will only show if that line has been filled out. In the second image you can see the fax has not been filled out so the email line and icon were slid up and took the place the fax field and icon were in.


Example 1: All three fields have been filled out and have their corresponding icons.

Example 2: The fax field has been left blank, the email field and corresponding icon slide up to fill that space. The fax icon is also not shown.


Setting up the Stacking Groups Tab




Membership & Dependency

Member of Group

Groups must be created for each template, groups from Template A will not be available on Template B. Once the groups have been created (more on that below) simply select the group name from the dropdown. Any field you want to either move or hide must be part of the stacking group.


Depends on
This dropdown is a list of the other fields present in the template. Select the field you want to be filled in in order to show this field. For example if you have a phone icon you only want to appear if the user enters a phone number you would make a Group called Phone and set the icon field to Depends on: Phone.  


Note: Because stacking groups depend on another field either having or not having content you never want to have a stacking group depend on a required field.


Stacking Groups

Select Group
This field is for both the creation of a new group as well changing the behavior of an existing group. The drop down shows Add New, which is used for creating the new groups, and any existing stacking groups for that template. Selecting an existing group will allow you to change the name or the group action. Do this by selecting the group, making your changes and clicking “Update Stacking Group”

Group Name
When creating a new stacking group enter the name in here, choose “Add New” under Select Group, select your Group Action and click “Update Stacking Group”.


Group Action
The options are Slide Up or Slide Down. This will move fields below the stacking group field up or down.

Update Stacking Group
After making any changes or creating a stacking group click this button. Please note that after updating the stacking group the assigned group name will no longer appear in the "Select Group" field.

Note: After making changes in the Stacking Group tab be sure to click Save and Commit Changes.