Ch. 010. External Pricing Services

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External Pricing Services
Pressero gives you the ability to integrate with an external pricing provider. This integration solves the dilemma of maintaining price tables separately in Pressero and your MIS system. Once your integration is set up, when you update pricing in your MIS system, the changes are automatically applied to your products in Pressero, increasing accuracy and efficiency. As of now, the MIS system currently configured for integration with Pressero is Web2Plan from Printer’s Plan, and our own Aleyant PrintJobManager MIS solution. 
To configure integration with Printer's Plan, go to Preferences > External Pricing Services; click “Add New.” In the Pricing Method Settings area, select “Web2Plan.” Enter a unique name for the integration provider in the Method Name area. If you would like to run the method in test mode, check the Test Mode box. In the Referer and Listener URL areas, enter the Web2Plan Referer URL and Web2Plan Listener URL provided to you by Printer’s Plan. Then click “Save.”
To learn how to link a product to an integrated pricing table, please see the Pricing Tab chapter.
You can use the filters at the top of the External Pricing Services area to search for previously-entered services by name or method type. To view deleted methods, check the "Include Deleted Methods" box at the top of the page. To export a list of external pricing methods that you have entered, click the Excel icon at the top of the list of methods.

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