Ch. 001a. Before You Begin

What It Is
Aleyant Automated Workflow Integrator (AWI) is a desktop application that automates the transfer of Pressero orders into your back-end production process using hot folders. It eliminates the need to manually download and sort orders.
• Connects to your Pressero Orders automatically 
• Downloads orders on a schedule you set 
• Hierarchically applies multiple downloading rules 
• Creates control files (such as JDF or XML) to integrate with various 3rd party workflow solutions
• Places orders into local, network, or FTP hotfolders 
• Filters orders into production workflow based on file types 
• Filters orders into production workflow based on attributes for product, or equipment requirements 
• Creates subfolders for each order item if desired 
• Adds download date and time to file names for quality control 
• Displays download activity log 
• Lists orders and items processed 
• Selectively reprocesses due to rule changes, accidental file deletion by staff 
• Automatically changes status of orders upon successful retrieval
• Queues up orders according to criteria you define and releases as a batch
• Automatically created PDF based reports

Create a new Admin User Account in Pressero to be used for AWI
The application is licensed for one Pressero User Account only. It will be locked to this account and cannot be changed. We recommend you create an Admin User Account in Pressero and set it aside for the exclusive use of the Automatic Workflow Integrator. Perhaps something like,, etc, and a login name value. You can uncheck the option for this user to Receive Notifications, the email address is used for login purposes only. This user must be part of an Admin Group that has permissions enabled to view and download orders. Once you have created the new admin user to be used for AWI access, or if you have any questions about enabling AWI on your account, please open a ticket to Aleyant Support at and we will review your submission as soon as possible.

Minimum System Requirements
Aleyant Automated Workflow Integrator is a desktop application. It can be run on Macintosh, Windows or Linux operating system. It is a small desktop utility that polls your Pressero account, and downloads information for any new orders. It does not require a lot of memory, but needs to be open and active to get orders from your Pressero account, and will require any permissions necessary on the account running AWI on that machine for transferring files to other folders, network folders, etc.
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