Ch. 035. Tax Setup

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Tax Settings

The tax methods and tax rates created are site-specific. To set tax settings for a site, go to: Admin > Sites > [Select Site]Tax (tab). You can add multiple tax rates in this area.

Regardless of whether the billing address is captured during the order or not, a billing address is always set per order, based on the rules in your Pressero store. The shopping cart and the CheckOut page will always show the tax based on the rules you set here. If the customer changes the billing address while ordering, the cart and the CheckOut page will reflect and update the tax based on the new billing address. 


Pressero is used by customers in many parts of the world. Because of that, you will find many different possible scenarios for setting up tax rates. You only need to concern yourself with the areas of this page that apply to your specific requirements. 

Base Taxes On

Your choices here are either Shipping Address or Billing Address.

Tax Methods 

Tax Method Priority will be evaluated on the order they are listed here. Change the order by selecting an option and using the up and down arrows. An example of a use for this area would be if you had State listed first and then Country, it will evaluate the buyers State first and if they are not in a state that you have listed to include tax for, it would then look at their country and apply a tax if their country made a match. 

Include Shipping and Handling

Check this box if you want the tax to be based on the order subtotal PLUS shipping and handling charges. Leave this box unchecked if you want the tax to be based on the subtotal of the order. In each section below you will be able to override this setting. This is available if you want to apply tax to shipping and handling for all situations except for one postal code, or state (for example). 

Test Tax Calculation

Use the Test Tax Calculation area after you have set up your various tax settings. You can then enter test scenarios and make sure that you are getting the results that you expect. 

Setting the Postal, State/Province or Country Tax

  • The first field is for listing the Postal code, State/Province or Country that you want to set a tax for.
  • Tax Rate - enter the rate in this field. Make sure to enter in percentage values. Example: a tax of seven and a quarter cents on the dollar should be entered as 7.25. Click the "Add Rate" button to add the rate to the Rate List field. 
  • Rate List - as you enter the rates they will be listed here. The left side of each entry will display the identifier: specific country, postal code, etc. The right side will display the tax rate and whether there is a separate tax rate for shipping. 
  • Use only if previous tax calculation is zero - in each of the options you can click on this box if you only want that area's rates to be considered if the previous one is zero. This works with the Tax Method Priority that you set up at the top of the page. If you do not check this box, the customer may receive double or triple tax rates if they match more than one tax area set up.
  • Click here to override the site level tax settings or apply a different tax rate for shipping and handling - Select this option to override the setting "Include Shipping and Handling" that was set above for the entire site. This allows you to specifically set this option for a specific Postal code, State/Province or Country. It will also let you set a different rate than what you have for goods. 
    • Include Shipping and Handling - Select this to activate the override. It will open another option:
      • ​Tax rate for shipping if different than above - This is to set a different rate for the shipping and handling than you entered for the goods. 

Flat Rate

If you would like to set up a flat rate for all customers, do that here. 

Click the Save button at the bottom of the page to save your changes. 

Tips and Helpful Information

  • Pressero is integrated with Avalara Tax Service. You can set up individual sites to pull tax rates from your Avalara account. Please see this article for more information.
  • If you have a situation where you have hundreds of rates to add (as an example, in a situation where each postal code has a different rate in your area) you may use Professional Services to have our programming team upload a database file with the rates for you. In this situation, many customers will have us upload the rates to one site that they use as a template so that each new site can be duplicated from the first and the rates will already be entered into the new site. If you are interested in having us mass upload the rates for you, contact our support team by submitting a ticket. 
  • The Tax id field is for use by our European customers to capture their various flavors of VAT.
  • Taxes can be overridden at the product level. See Sites > [Select Site] > Catalog > Products > Edit > General (tab) > Tax (Chapter 049 Products (General Tab).
  • You can use an asterisk * wildcard for the postal code, so the user. Example: you can add a value like 60187, where the application will search for a postal code that matches 60187 or can use 60* and it will search for all rules where the postal codes starts with 60.

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