Collect Disk Usage Statistics

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Approval Background Services


Common info

Apart the main Approval project, there is a “side” project that is intended to do tasks for all installations on a particular server.

Currently, there is only one such task - to send weekly reports on the disk space usage for each instance in each installation.

The project is named TethraBackground and located in this SVN repository:

It is installed on all our servers in c:\www\TethraBackground.

Common configuration

Mail server configuration is in the app\config\mail.php file. The file has comprehensive comments.


Operations are logged to app\storage\log\laravel.log file. Note that the log contains the collected disk usage info as well.



Collect Disk Usage Statistics

A special task is scheduled using Windows Task Scheduler: \Tethra\CollectDiskUsageStatistics. The task is set to run every Sunday at 2:00AM. It collects disk usage statistics and sends the collected report to email specified in the configuration.

Also, the task can be run manually using the following command

php artisan tb:collectDiskUsageStats

This command should be executed from c:\www\TethraBackground folder.


Configuration parameters specific to this task are stored in the app\collectDiskUsageStats.php file.