Discontinued: ColorPro Series QualityControl, RapidCheck and PrintControl

ColorPro Series
With regret, Aleyant has terminated production and sales of the ColorPro Series (QualityControl, RapidCheck and PrintControl). Customer support for bugs, features or questions will expire December 31, 2019.  
We thank our ColorPro Series customers for their past business. While certainly great solutions for ink vendors and service technicians, the ColorPro Series of desktop apps simply did not fit with Aleyant's continuing growth of its cloud-based, print workflow automation product suite or its customer base. 
Aleyant's customers are print service providers that encompass digital and offset; small, wide and grand format; printing on paper, plastic, metal, and fabric. When Aleyant purchased Tucanna Software in 2016, tFLOW– the groundbreaking automated proofing, preflighting, color correction and print workflow solution—was the focus of the acquisition. The ColorPro Series products were a minor part of the acquired assets.
As planned, tFLOW is now integrated with Aleyant's core print workflow automation suite. Together with Aleyant's eDocBuilder online design and VDP template system, the Aleyant Pressero web to print job submission print commerce platform, and the Aleyant PrintJobManager "skinny" print MIS, Aleyant tFLOW is an important part of automating our customer's success.  
Thank you again for your past business. If you have questions about our industry leading eDocBuilder, Pressero, PrintJobManager or tFLOW please contact sales@aleyant.com