• Integration - Midnight (Virtual Systems) via Embedded Services

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Before reading this document, familiarize yourself with Pressero's Embedded Services area. Then use this document to understand how this specific integration works. Select here for the Overview of Embedded Services.



  • Order Synchronization

The Midnight integration, allow Pressero to Push Orders to the Virtual Systems Midnight, to enable this integration you need obtain the Access Token to access Midnight API, for information on how to get this information please contact Virtual Systems Midnight support team, after that, you will need the following information to configure on Pressero:

  • Access Token:  Token provided by Virtual Systems allowing the customer to post data using their API


Site Configuration


After enabling the integration at the site level, for this access the embedded services tab on the Site Settings page and enable the Midnight integration. Once the Embedded Service is Enabled, you will see the following UI:



Here you have the option to set the Customer ID, to get this ID please contact Midnight support team, so they can provide to you the customer ID associated to the selected site.


User Configuration:


Midnight requires the site user to exist on their database, so it’s required that you enable the embedded configuration inside the user configuration on the site admin area, to do this select the user from the user grid and access the Embedded Service tab, there you’ll need to do two things, first to set the user as active and add the external ID for the user, to get this ID please contact Midnight support team.



Product Configuration:


Midnight also requires the product to be associated with an ID from a product or service that exists on the Midnight system, so it’s required that all the products to be used with this integration have an integration ID configured on the product page, to obtain information on how to get this information please contact Midnight support team.



Final Configuration:


Once the Embedded Service is configured you can then set the Is Live flag to true, allowing the application to push the orders to Midnight.



Once the order is pushed to Midnight you’ll be able to see the basic information on the Embedded Service tab in the order item details page.