• Integration - Acceleship (OnPoint) Shipping via Pressero Embedded Services

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Before reading this document, familiarize yourself with Pressero's Embedded Services area. Then use this document to understand how this specific integration works. Select here for the Overview of Embedded Services.



The OnPoint Integration Features:

  • Bi-Directional Order Synchronization

The Acceleship OnPoint integration allows Pressero to Push Orders to the OnPoint Service and for Acceleship to send order status along with the tracking information back to Pressero. To enable this integration you need to obtain the Site ID to access the OnPoint API. For information on how to get this information please contact the OnPoint support team. Once you have that information, you will need the following information to configure on Pressero:

  • OnPoint Default Site ID: When using OnPoint you need a site ID, usually this configuration is set for each site, but you can set a master ID and this will be the ID sent to OnPoint when this information is missing on Site Level.
  • Test Mode?: Indicates if the Orders should be Pushed to the OnPoint Test Servers (instead of the Production Server).
  • Send Billing Postal Code?: The billing postal code is used by Accelship to properly handle the 3rd party billing system. For more information contact the OnPoint support team. 








Shipping Method Configuration


To use this integration correctly you will need to make some adjustments to your shipping methods, basically a mapping using OnPoint services codes. To do this configuration:

  • Access the Shipping configuration panel in the Preferences Menu in Pressero
  • Select the shipping methods to use with OnPoint
  • Enter the Integration ID. This ID is the unique number provided by OnPoint to guarantee that when OnPoint ships the item, it will be able to update the item with the correct shipment information. Select here to download the list of IDs from OnPoint to be used with integrated and non-integrated carrier types (as of 8-9-18) PresseroIntegrationIDFile.xlsx











Site Configuration


After updating the shipping methods with the correct integration ID you should enable the integration at the site level. To do this, access the embedded services tab on the Site Settings page and enable the OnPoint integration. Once the Embedded Service is Enabled, you will see the following UI:
















Here you have the option to set the OnPoint Site ID. To get this ID please contact OnPoint support team so they can provide you with a unique ID to be used with this specific site. Onpoint recommends that the structure of the ID follow this format: infrastructure.printer.customername (Example: pressero.wymorepress.castles). This makes it much esier for them to quickly find the right system on their side.


If you’re already a Pressero user that utilizes our old integration with OnPoint, before moving it to the Embedded Service version, please provide the Pressero Support team with a list of sites you want to use the integration with so we can get the Site ID from our database to help you make the correct configuration.


Once the Embedded Service is configured you can then set the "Is Live" flag to true, allowing the application to push the orders to OnPoint.


Billing Information:

For those customers who want their customers to provide their own account with UPS, FedEx, it’s possible to capture the Account number to send to OnPoint, to do that, create a custom checkout form and add a field with the has an integration id called: onpoint_billing_numbe