QualityControl (ColorPro Series) FAQ

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Can we print within the program (charts, results, etc)?
No, QC connects to Excel where it pushes any color values they want while reading in QC.  That way they are free to do whatever - graph, print merge data, etc. The data that can be exported to Excel are defined by a setting in the program.
Does the “Dot Area” only have Murray-Davies, or does it cover others such as SCTV?
Murray-Davies formula only. We do not plan to add support for other methods in the near term.
How to clear samples (ie: “All Densities”)
There is no need to clear.  As you continue reading, the oldest is substituted by the newest and so on.
Can we take samples from CMYK and create a single curve? Can we isolate each color’s curve once taken?
See answer to 1 - Excel
How do we measure “Print Contrast”? It says 100% and 75%, I believe… do those change, or do we measure the darkest area and then an area that appears to be 75% of that?
You measure 100 and 75, and then it is calculated automatically. 
Do the “Print Contrast” and “Hue Error” explanations cover Flexographic printing?
Not specifically, but PrintContrast and Hue Error are standard formulas for Graphic arts and widely adopted..
How do we read “Hue error”? I took a sample, and it said “20%”… but 20% of what?
You measure one patch and you get the percentage of each color
Grayness? Do we need filters? A different spectro? (We have the i1Pro 2)
No, it is done the same way a Hue Error.
Does the program work with the Beta Presto Spectro (based off of the Peret spectro)
No, the i1 and eXact.
Slope? What is that? How does it work, how is it measured?
Slope was an experimental function to try to align measurements of a supported device in QC and old handheld densitometers. The experiment did not work, the ui sitll has the config but does nothing. It will be removed in a future release
How do I read the MI1 and MI2 readings? As difference percentages? Delta readings?
You just measure, and the readings are displayed.
How do Mi1 and Mi2 relate to the main value (percentage difference, delta value, etc)?
MI1 and 2 are the metamerism indexes calculated after each sample measurement. They are the dE values of the sample color under a pair of different illmuninats: d50 and a second one that can be set in the settings.
What is the file format for importing an existing Excel/csv color database? What columns in what order?
Is there any way to scan a color and have QualityControl find the closest match to a database (either currently open or ALL currently open)?
No, you load a reference, and it will tell you how far you are from the reference.  It doesn’t do a BestMatch.