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Before reading this document, familiarize yourself with Pressero's Embedded Services area. Then use this document to understand how this specific integration works. Select here for the Overview of Embedded Services.


4Over (Beta)



  • Order Synchronization
  • Manual Products Synchronization: Requires to access the Site Settings page and click on the Synchronize button
  • Manual Order Status Synchronization: Requires to access the Site Settings page and click on the Synchronize button

To Enable 4Over, you need to acquire 4Over API credentials, for that please contact 4Over support channel. Once 4Over provides the credentials you will have:

  • Public Key
  • Private Key

On the Embedded Service configuration UI, you’ll also have the option to set if the orders should be sent as Test or if they should be sent as production or to use cache server.

  • Send order as Test: When checked the orders and data will be synchronized using 4Over test serve, called Staging, otherwise the data will be using the Production (recommended)
  • Use Cache Server: When this option is checked, the application will fetch the 4Over Products from Aleyant Servers instead of 4Over ones, our servers are updated every Saturday with the latest data from 4Over, when this option is not checked the application may take up to 2 hours to run the full sync process, while when the option is checked it can take up to 40s.

After settings these parameters the integration will be available to be activated on the site settings, for more information on how the synchronization works, please check the Embedded Services configuration KB article.



On the Site Settings Page, after enabling the integration a few options will be shown:


Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 17.28.55.png

  • Default Product Workflow: Since 4Over allows you to synchronize products, you can set the default workflow to be used on the new imported products
  • Default Product Group: You can also set the product default group
  • Default User Group: Even though this option is enabled now, this feature is not fully available for 4Over
  • Synchronize Products: If this item is check when the user clicks the Synchronize button the application will download all the products available on the 4Over platform, this operation may take a few hours to finish
  • Synchronize Orders: When this option is checked the application will push to 4Over all the orders that are ready to be pushed
  • Synchronize Users: This feature is not available for 4Over
  • Payment Credit Card: For this integration to work properly you have to create a payment profile on your 4Over account and here you will select the payment profile to be used with Pressero, this option exists at the site level and at the user level, so you can use different payment profiles for different users.


User Configuration



It’s possible to configure the credit card at the user level when setting a configuration here, the application will not use the credit card configured at site settings level, but at the user level, you’ll have two options:

  1. Use the 4Over main account credit card: This will list all the credit card options from the 4Over main account, the one configured at the embedded service page;
  2. Use the User Own 4Over Account: For this one, you’ll need the user own 4over API public and private key, once you set those values and click on the save button a new option will appear allowing you to select the credit card from the user own 4Over account.


Pricing Information


When using the 4Over integration, all the price configuration and calculation will come from 4Over server, you can add markups to the items and make other configuration, but you should not change the price engine or calculation for the item. Also, you need to configure the tax system, the application will not load the tax information from 4Over.


The shipping service will also be provided by 4Over and item provided by them can only use the shipping methods provided by 4Over. The current version of the integration does not allow mixed carts, where you have items from 4Over and items from your own store.


Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 18.15.53.png


Once the user selects an item from 4Over all the possible configuration and options will be loaded from the 4Over service, this includes the required files.

A few observations:

  1. Orders placed using the 4Over integration will not be visible on the 4Over site, this is a limitation on the 4Over side.
  2. To cancel the entire order with 4Over (using the integration) you must set the order item status as canceled, this will cancel the order item with 4Over, to cancel the order entirely you will need to cancel all the order items on Pressero.
  3. If you want a confirmation that all items were really canceled on 4Over, you will have to contact 4Over support team.
  4. Once the order is canceled 4Over will start the refund process, but this refund will be to your account with 4Over, you will need to refund your customer manually.
  5. Right now it’s not possible to mix 4Over items and Pressero items in the same cart, this will cause the integration to not calculate the prices correctly and push unnecessary items to 4Over servers. Until this changes, your site should only list 4over products to avoid problems and confusion for the customer.
  6. 4Over does not provide product images or descriptions via the API. The default image provided by Pressero will be used. You can add that information in Pressero if you would like.
  7. You’ll need to change some item descriptions since 4Over API does not return the same level of information as you can see on their storefront.