Can I import orders into Pressero via the API?

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Assuming you have added the option to access the Pressero API to your subscription, Pressero supports importing orders via an Excel file using the API. Below is the information needed to complete the process. 
Use the following API endpoints, passing the authentication token as in any other API calls. Below are the endpoints and how to interact with them:
#1. Download Template - The template should be downloaded via your Pressero admin and filled for importing the orders. To get the file from admin go to "/orders/importTemplate". The file will be generated and downloaded.
#2. Import Process - After filling up the spreadsheet, POST the file through the API using the endpoint ( The server will return an identifier that can be used to monitor the progress of the operation.
#3. Checking the Progress - Using the returned identifier, you can perform a GET operation to retrieve the progress information about the process (
Important Details: 
  • Import Interruptions. If the import is happening during a firecall or system update, there is a slight chance the import could be interrupted. Our process tries to not stop the process but note that there is a chance this could happen if both are going on at the same time. This could require the import process to be restarted. 
  • Site URL Required. The Site URL for the Pressero store must be included in the excel file being imported.
  • Site Users Must Exist. Users must already exist in Pressero. You may use one User for all orders and just specify the individuals in the shipping information, or you can use the Pressero feature for importing users via excel, or upload users via the API. We need to know the user by Login Name or Email Address. 
  • Order ID. Order ID from customers file will be entered into the "Job #" Field that we collect on an item level. 
  • Order ID Numbering. Each "same" Order ID will be gathered together and entered in as one Pressero Order number with each line item being a different Item number. Pressero orders are in the format of 12345-1, 12345-2, 12345-3, 123456-1, 123456-2, etc. 
  • Billing Address: Unspecified. If no billing address is specified in the import then we will use the default billing address found in the site settings for all entries with an empty address and group them by Site Domain, User Name, PO Number and Job Number.
  • Billing Address: Specified. If the same billing address is specified for all like Order ID's, then they will all be under one Order # in Pressero. If there are 2 or more billing addresses for like Order ID's, then we will create a new Order number in Pressero for each of the Order ID/billing address combinations because there can only be one billing address per order in Pressero. Because of this, multiple orders in Pressero could share the same Job # (Order ID from file).  
  • Payment URL Option. If desired, you can create a URL and provide it to the customer so they can go to the portal and make a payment for the order submitted.
  • Product ID & Product URL. The product ID will be used as the product URL so the Site Domain will be one column and the Product ID will be another. Together they will make up the product URL. You should match the desired product for the order in this way.
  • Order Approval. All items imported will be assumed "Approved"
  • Payment & Shipment Details. Pressero is able to log payment details and shipment details after an order is placed in Pressero. Both of these areas are available via the API and if requested for imported orders, the detail must be imported via the API and not by this import process.
The Excel file import of orders WILL NOT do:
  • Kitting
  • Budgets
  • Email notifications (we will not send any emails)
  • Vendor assignment or notifications
  • Pricing Engines (no price calculations) - only fixed prices can be used as shown in upload
  • Printers Location - this information comes from the site settings
Information about each Item ordered that is supported in the import: 
  • Total 
  • Quantity
  • Requested Ship Date
  • Projected Ship Date
  • Ship Method
  • Notes or Comments
  • Tax
  • Shipping
  • Shipping Details
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Title
  • Business Name
    • Address 1
    • Address 2
    • Address 3
    • City
    • State
    • Postal Code
  • Inventory (Stock Name) to deduct quantity from
Information about the Order that are supported in the import:
  • PO #
  • Discount
  • Paid (Yes/No) if not specified will be left as unpaid
  • Total = Tax + Shipping + (Sum of Item Price) - Discount